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Marina Boat Rental App

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How it works

Download from Google Play or Apple Store and install, then enjoy the easy usage of planning out your vacation!

Marina and City List

Includes a list of available Marinas and Cities.

Boat Details

Includes boat details, ratings, map, schedule, rates and prices and comments.

Boat Owner Backend

Includes backend for boat owners to manage info on their boats.

About Us

Due to increased demands for the seagoing tours and sports, we came up with the application of marina booking to introduce easier ways and means to plan and book seagoing trips in a more convenient , reliable and timely manner. Also, we strive to provide upfront on the application, the details and information about the marine units and their activities to easily view and select by our customers. We have a significant number of marinas in several cities in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries. Our vision is to expand in other countries in the future.


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